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Trip Planning - Crew Checklist


  • Have all parents signed a Consent form for international travel by youth under the age of 18yrs traveling alone?
  • Have you completed all payments due for your trip?
  • Have you applied for and received your BSA Tour Permit (Scouts only!)?
  • Have you ensured that all travel arrangements are finalized?
  • Have you ensured that all crewmembers have a valid passport to comply with Customs & Immigration requirements?
  • Do all crewmembers meet the minimum eligibility requirements for Sail School Bahamas?
  • Have you completed the Crew Details Form for all crewmembers, ready to bring with you?
  • Have you emailed us your Flight Details 30 days prior to your arrival in Marsh Harbour?
  • Have all Scouting crewmembers completed Annual Health and Medical Record BSA Class III Medical Form signed by their Family Physician and Parent/Guardian? Click the Annual Health and Medical Record button above to get this form.
  • Have you checked weight/height guidelines?
  • Have you emailed us a list of shoe sizes for your crew so we can organize snorkel fins?
  • Have you informed us of any medications, allergies or special dietary requirements?
  • Have you packed your First Aid Kit (Scouts only)?
  • Have you taken out medical insurance?
  • Has your group taken out travel insurance?
  • Have all crewmembers signed the Disclaimer Form, this is compulsory?
  • Have you appointed a Crew Chief for the trip (Scouts only)?
  • Have all crewmembers packed the minimum equipment required for the trip?
  • Have all Scouting crewmembers completed their BSA Swim Test?
  • Have you given your crew a briefing on what to pack, what the trip will involve and what to expect? Have they all read the Crew Preparation Notes?
  • Do you have the necessary copies of the above noted documents - you can either scan and email these to us or give them to us when you arrive?
  • Have you organized the Accidental Damage Deposit of $300 (check, cash)? This is fully refundable unless your crew damages the sailboat and/or any equipment onboard.

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