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Trip Dates

Unless you have asked us to hold a week for your group (which you can enter below) you will have a better chance of securing the trip you want if you provide the widest range of dates during which your group can sail. For example, if you try to book places from 1st June to 16th August, you will be much more likely to be successful than trying to book between 1st June to 10th June.

If you have specific trip dates you would prefer, contact us to check availability.

Spring season - begins 1st week in March and ends 4th week in April.

Summer season - begins 2nd week in May, and ends 2nd week in August.

Please Note

  • Your trip will last 6 days and will either start on a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday.
  • If booking both 'Sailing' trips AND 'Sailing and Scuba' trips for your group, please complete the Booking Form below once for each group taking part in each separate type of trip.
  • If you make a booking for a larger group we can split your crew between two or more sailboats so you can sail together.
  • All prices are listed in US$


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