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Although we tailor each trip to the particular requirements of each school, a typical Sail Training & Scuba 'Leadership Development Program' lasts a total of 8 days. Each itinerary is also arranged on a group by group basis to ensure the activities and trip duration meet your objectives.

Typically, your first 3 nights will be based onshore and you'll enjoy day sailing while you become accustomed to life onboard a sailboat. This is followed by a short trip out to the reef islands during which you'll spend 2nights onboard. You would then enjoy a further 3 days based onshore including a Discover Scuba course. You can also add a Deep Sea Fishing excursion to your itinerary.

This trip takes place in a remote location, in a tropical foreign country so make certain all participants have valid passports! You must ensure your group has adequate insurance to cover you in the event of a medical emergency and in case your travel arrangements are disrupted.

Contact us to check availability of your preferred trip dates, if you have specific trip dates in mind we can hold these for you until you complete your booking form.

Please Note

If you make a booking for a larger group we can split your crew between two or more sailboats so you can sail together.

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