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Scouts - Leader Guide


The responsibility of taking a group of Scouts on an International High Adventure trip can seem daunting, however, rest assured that many others have taken this trip before you. We prepared this guide to ensure you consider all necessary preparations, keep on track with our checklist and bring all the equipment you need so you have a troublefree, successful trip and hopefully even relax when you're here.

When you book your trip we'll email you our Crew Preparation Notes and Introduction To Sailing guide. Please ensure everyone coming on the trip reads the Crew Preparation Notes thoroughly. Misconceptions will be prevented by your crew reading the notes and understanding what their trip will involve, what they need to bring, what they'll gain from the trip and what they should do to make the most of their sailing adventure.

Leader Eligibility & Height Weight Limit

  • All Adult Leaders must pass the standard B.S.A. swim test within a 12-month period prior to their arrival in Marsh Harbour.
  • For safety reasons, we advise all Adult Leaders considering our trips to refer to the B.S.A. Height-Weight and body fat guidelines as laid out in the following form: Although, we do not enforce the CDC Body Fat limits, the main reason you must give them serious consideration is that this is a physically demanding trip and medical evacuation will likely take more than 30minutes. It is important for you to note that Medical evacuation will typically require water transportation, followed by ground transportation followed by medical air evacuation.

Anyone close to this weight limit or over the age of 60 should seriously consider the safety issues as well as the practical difficulties of living onboard a sailboat. Travelling to and from the sailboat in a dinghy will be time consuming and potentially dangerous, climbing out of the water after swimming or snorkeling, either into a dinghy or up swim steps may be challenging or outwith your ability. The absolute maximum weight limit for participating in our sailing adventure program is 260 pounds. In the event that an Adult Leader arrives in the Bahamas weighing in excess of this limit, we reserve the right to send this individual home at their own expense.

  • We treat all applications for participation in sailing adventure programs without discrimination or regard for gender, color, creed, race or nationality.

Please remember that it's your responsibility to look after the youth in your care. It's particularly important to maintain proper discipline onboard, so your Captain, as well as the rest of the crew, will greatly appreciate your assistance in keeping an orderly, safe sailboat.


Please refer to the How to Book section on our website for all payment details and our terms.

Combined trip

The cost of our Combined Sailing Adventure & Scuba Diving Program or Combined Advanced Sailing Adventure & Scuba Diving program is $1,075 per person, as of 10/01/10

B.S.A. Tour Permit

We require all crews to ensure they've taken all necessary precautions to safeguard their group. To obtain a National Tour Permit, at least two official adult Scout Leaders are required and one Scout Leader must have completed the B.S.A. Youth Protection Training course. To comply with the requirement of your Tour Permit, one crewmember must be properly certified in a recognized First Aid and CPR course. In addition, a Safety Afloat course must be completed.

Please review the B.S.A. Leadership guidelines in the 'Youth Protection & Adult Leadership' section of the following URL:

It's important for all crews participating in our Combined Sailing and Scuba Diving Programs to also review the B.S.A. guidelines on Scuba Diving in the 'Aquatics Safety' section.

Travel arrangements

Refer to the How To Get Here section for travel guidelines and information. When making your travel arrangements, try to schedule your arrival and departure around mid-day. This will avoid you arriving too early and allows sufficient time for your crew to clean the sailboat prior to leaving the Bahamas.


Unless you live in Florida you can't fly directly to Marsh Harbour International Airport . You'll have to connect through a Florida airport (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville) or fly to Nassau and take a connecting flight to Marsh Harbour. Please be aware, if you are delayed in arriving or require to depart earlier than planned, we can't provide any form of refund.


Check your travel arrangements and organize any necessary 'layover' accommodations well in advance. Room space is often limited in Florida and the Bahamas, especially during peak tourist season, so it may not be possible to book at the last minute and you'll find accommodation more expensive in the Bahamas.


As of 1 Jan. 2007 travelers returning to the U.S. from a foreign country must have a valid passport. All US visitors to the Bahamas must possess a valid passport and if you need one it's a good idea to apply for it well in advance of your trip!
Also, it is a really good idea for one individual to take responsibility for all passports when traveling. This helps to prevent the loss of a passport and is much more manageable than everyone taking responsibility for their own - a lost passport is a huge problem that would involve the authorities here and back home!

Crew Eligibility

  • Crewmembers must be registered members of a Scout troop, under the designation of official Scout leaders.
  • All crewmembers must achieve the age of Fourteen (14) years within three months of the date on which they commence their sailing adventure program. In the event that a crewmember wishes to take part in a sailing adventure program but falls outwith the minimum age requirement, this must be agreed in advance with our staff. We reserve the right to send that crewmember home at their own expense.
  • Maximum age is 65, due to safety considerations.
  • All crewmembers must pass the standard B.S.A. swim test within a 12-month period prior to their arrival.
  • The maximum weight limit for participating in our sailing adventure program is 300 pounds. In the event that a crewmember arrives in the Bahamas weighing in excess of 300 pounds, we reserve the right to send this individual home at their own expense. Also, review B.S.A. height/weight and body fat guidelines.
  • All crewmembers must be courteous, well mannered and considerate to others. Crewmembers should apply the Scout Oath and Law in governing their behavior during this program.

Flight Details

At least 30 days prior to your arrival in the Bahamas you must email us your flight details.

Shoe sizes

Email a list of shoe sizes to us at least 30 days prior to your arrival so we can organize the snorkel equipment your crew will need. The largest snorkel fins we can purchase are 13-14 therefore if your shoe size is greater than 15, we'll be unable to provide fins. (Shoe sizes are typically one size larger than the required fin size!)

Medical Form

All crewmembers must be in good general health. They must complete the BSA Class III Medical Form (for completion and signing by their Family Physician and Parent/Guardian) within a 12-month time frame prior to taking part in a sailing adventure program. Click the BSA Class III Medical Form button to get this form and bring photocopies of the completed/signed forms for all crewmembers.

Medications or allergies

Crewmembers who require medications must bring an appropriate supply of the medicine they need and be responsible for its safekeeping - it can be difficult to obtain many medicines in the Bahamas! Adult Leaders must be aware of all medications required and should monitor their use. A back-up supply of any medication is always recommended. Individuals requiring medications should always contact their family physician regarding their suitability for participation in a program of this nature.

We need to know in advance whether you are allergic to seafood, fish or shellfish, and/or any other kinds of food. Please refer to the Medical Info page within this Leaders' Info section of our website. Any crewmembers with serious allergies of any nature that require the use of an Epi-pen must ensure they bring these with them.

First Aid Kit

Your B.S.A. Tour Permit requires that each Troop bring its own First Aid kit. Although every sailboat in the our fleet has a First Aid kit, your crew's trained first-aider must decide whether treatment is necessary and what treatment should be given. You must use your First Aid kit to treat minor injuries.

Medical insurance

You should ensure that your Medical Insurance provides you with all the medical cover you anticipate may be necessary. All crewmembers must also bring with them photocopies of both sides of their current medical/health insurance details.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend you have adequate travel insurance cover. Previous crews have found this very useful in the event of a crewmember canceling at the last moment, flight delays etc.

Disclaimer Form

To take part in one of our trips, all crewmembers must complete a Disclaimer Form. This printable form is on the Trip Planning section of our website and you must bring photocopies of the completed/signed forms for all crewmembers. Although there are risks involved in participating in one of our sailing adventure programs, it's important for each crewmember to be aware of these risks, be prepared for them and manage them effectively. You can do this by following a few simple guidelines and taking common sense safety precautions. With this approach you should avoid harm, illness or injury. All crewmembers should only take part in a sailing adventure program if they have satisfied themselves, their parents/guardians and any significant others of the risks involved and accept that these risks are an inherent aspect of the sailing adventure program.

Crew Chief

Your Troop or Crew should appoint a 'Crew Chief' to help take care of the scheduling/organization for the week. When you arrive, your Crew Chief will complete rosters for all crew tasks onboard, ensure they're completed, organize shore visits and various other responsibilities onboard and onshore.


Crewmembers should refer to the printable packing list on this section.

B.S.A. Swim Test

All crewmembers must pass the standard B.S.A. swim test within a 12-month period prior to their arrival. If you or your crewmembers wish to swim you must only do so at your own risk and therefore you should ensure conditions are appropriate for your level of ability. Should there be any medical condition or other restriction to your abilities you'll require a formal medical certificate stating that you're fit to swim and/or snorkel. Likewise, you should only snorkel if you're confident in your own abilities and are comfortable with the prevailing sea conditions. Please see the note above regarding Eligibility Requirements.

Scout Hut Briefing

Prior to your arrival we recommend you schedule a 'Crew Brief' meeting so all crewmembers get prepared for the trip and know what to expect. The Crew Preparation Notes we send you may be used for this meeting and will answer most questions regarding your trip.


Before you arrive you must ensure you have copies of all essential documentation including:
  • B.S.A. Tour Permit
  • Disclaimer Forms
  • Class III Medical Form signed by their Parent/Guardian and Doctor
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel insurance (optional)

Accidental Damage Deposit

A $300 Accidental Damage Deposit is necessary for each sailboat. In the event of any damage occurring to the sailboat there will be a deduction in part or whole. Cash is preferred, although a Traveler's check or bank check is acceptable. The final decision regarding accidental damage will always lie with Sail School Bahamas. Every crew must show respect and care for their sailboat - all crewmembers must be aware that their $300 deposit can only be returned if damage or breakages do not occur!

Evaluation Forms

On your return trip your Captain will ask Adult Leaders and Scouts to complete our evaluation forms. This exercise should only take a few minutes but your feedback helps us ensure we're delivering exactly the trip you want, providing you with the best value for money and highlight any opportunities for us to improve.

Adult Leader Debriefing

Once you're back at dock at the end of your trip, we'll ask the Adult Leaders to meet with our staff for a short 10minute trip review. Your opinions and feedback are particularly important to us, we want to ensure your expectations were reasonably established and ultimately met, or exceeded. If you have valuable advice or constructive criticism we want to hear your thoughts!

Troop T-Shirts

We have Sail School Bahamas CREW T-Shirts and Polo Shirts for sale, as well as Baseball Caps and Outback Hats. You can ask your Captain about buying these when you get onboard.

Please Note:

Mail - we cannot deliver mail to Scouts unless it's extremely important, e.g. important personal medications.

Telephone - During your week aboard, there are no telephone facilities. However, public payphones can be found in the various settlements you'll visit.

NOTE - All emails must include your UID (Unique Identification Number) which appears at the top of every email you receive concerning your trip allocation and payment details.

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