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Scouts - Sailing Adventure Program


You can pick the most suitable trip dates for your group! This is our most popular program, our Captains are all registered with the BSA as Adult Leaders and are all Counselors for the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge. We teach you a wide range of sailing skills but if your group wants to earn that coveted Merit Badge you can complete all the requirements here with us! You can also include a half-day Discover Scuba trip with professional instruction to introduce your group to the underwater world.

What you do

Most crews prefer to sail for a few hours in the morning and afternoon. You can swim and snorkel as much as you want, do some fishing or visit a deserted island, beachcomb, go ashore to one of the island settlements. There are so many options, you decide!

What you learn

If you want to get the Small boat Sailing Merit Badbge let us know in advance, otherwise our trips provide you with informal instruction and guidance in the following areas and if you want your Captain to explain anything else, just ask:
  • How to prepare the sailboat for sailing
  • How to use a winch safely to firm-up or ease-off sheets (lines) on the sails
  • How to raise the sails, set/trim them properly and lower them
  • Basic Points of Sail and how to achieve them
  • Basic rope-work, coiling, cleating & knot tying
  • Basic 'Sailing Rules'
  • How to helm (steer) under power and sail
  • Knowledge of nautical terminology, parts of the boat, rigging and sails
  • Chartwork using GPS for position, course and hazards to avoid!

You'll develop your communication skills, develop your teamwork skills, learn to plan and prepare in advance of sailing exercises. In addition, you'll learn how to live onboard a sailboat. Experiencing travel to a foreign country is great for building independence, responsibility and self-reliance.

Cost: $775 per person; this includes all meals onboard and snorkel equipment.

If you'd like to find out what previous crews thought of their trips with us please go to our Testimonials page. Let us know if you'd like to speak with Adult Leaders who have sailed with us and we'll arrange it!

'We operate out of the same facilities used by Sea Base in the Bahamas and on the same basis, although we are not affiliated with the BSA'

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